Own compositions:                                       german version


                       Tape or with tape:

"Anlogtett" (1993) premiere in Dortmund (Depot) 2007

"Samprovis 1" (1993)

"Samprovis 2" (1993) premiere Dortmund (Depot) 2007 - audio link

"Elpoem" for mezzo-soprano and tape (1996) premiere Zurich 2000

                                            (Ursula Wick Mezzos.)

"Kurzer Traum" (Short dream) (2003) for the DEGEM - CD 9


                   With the ZETA - VIOLIN and computer:

"Alphasolo" (2001) early version of the violin solo from "Vector alpha" (TRIONYS)link

"Tiersonette" for voice and violinized computer (based on Ehrensperger texts 2003) 

  premiere Dortmund (Depot) 2007 with Truike van der Poel (voice) and G. Marx (violin)  

"Notturno" for violin and computer (2003) premiere Dortmund (Depot) 2003 - video link

Violinsectiv I, II, III (2004)

"Viomespel" (2010) for violin and computer, premiere Biberach/Riß 2010 - audio link

"Ingviosyn" (2017) for violin and comp., premiere Berlin 2017 audio - video-link

"Viodelays" (2018) for violin and comp., prem. Berlin (Spektrum) 2018 audio - video

"Begegnung" (Encounter) for violin, viola and 2 computers (2019), premiere Ansbach             

               (Gumbertuskirche) -- with Cornelius Poepel (viola)



A small pastiche for string trio: "Aus dem Leben einer Tonleiter" (From the life of a scale), published by Musikverlag Hauke Hack - <musikverlag@hauke-hack.de>



Ingviosyn, version for viola (Cornelius Poepel) in Ansbach: Video

Viodelays: G. Marx at a performance in Ansbach: Video


CD: "Kurzer Traum" (Short dream)  (2003) on the DEGEM - CD 9

"Notturno" was used as film music by UMfal: "Rotleitner" (2008) by

Walter Raffeiner and Hans Peter Böffgen