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Path to the Electroacoustic Music:


1963-64 Participation in a seminar with Gottfried Michael Koenig at the

                            Electronic Studio of the WDR.

1971 EMS Synthi A, studies with Mesias Maiguashca and Péter Eötvös

1977 Summer course in Aix-en-Provence with Karlheinz Stockhausen

1989 purchase of a ZETA violin at the Frankfurt Music Fair 

as of 1990 building up of a private studio


Performances of works by other composers:


1991 Nuremberg premiere Willfried Jentzsch "Paysage V" video-link

1991 Lüneburg (Th. Kessler "Violin Control", 

                      M. Maiguashca "Exercises" and others)

1995 Berlin (Academy of Arts) Premiere Rainer Bürck STRINGendo video-link

1997 Dortmund (FH) Ivar Frounberg "Las armonias de la noche profunda".

2001 own production of K. Stockhausen "SOLO"


Other performances, also in connection with own pieces.




"STRINGendo" (R. Bürck) on Harangue II (earsay Vancouver 1999)

"Exercises" ( M. Maiguashca) on Feedback - CD 2